After Shave Balm

Balm after shave man

Gaia After Shave Balm is the final stage of shaving. Especially formulated to avoid in-growing hair.

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After Shave Balm
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Gaia After Shave Balm (Almond Oil, Shea butter, Cacao butter, Calendula, Chamomile & Chickweed extract Grapefruit seed extract, organic bees wax )

After shaving and washing off the shaving soap the Gaia After Shave is applied followed by a finishing touch of the Gaia Shaving Balm. The balm is especially formulated with ingredients like hamamelis and benzoin to avoid in-growing hair, resulting skin irritations and shaving rash. Toning and softening skin ingredients like Shea and cacao butter have been chosen with care and extra organic bees wax has been added to give the finished feel and look to a man’s face.

The Gaia man range is unique, natural and has its own distinctive look and feel. All the labels are printed on re-cycled paper continuing the ‘Gaia Natural Products’ philosophy of low impact production using only natural ingredients.