Gaia Bath Bombs various scents

Gaia bath bombs

Effervescing bath bombs for a relaxing, skin softening bathtime experience. Select from lavender & calendula, rose & rose petals and jasmine!

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This product comes in the following variations.

Price: €5.00
Lavender & Calendula
Price: €5.00
Rose & Rose Petals
Price: €5.00

Additional Information

In keeping with the philosophy of Gaia Natural Products to ' put nothing that you couldn't put into your mouth onto your skin' these fizzing, effervescing bath bombs are made with baking powder, citric acid as used in jam making, corn flower, almond oil and essential oils. Some carry a message some carry blossoms and others just a surprise to be found when you lower yourself into your relaxing, skin softening bath.

Choose from three flavours, Lavender & Calendula, Rose & Rose Petals and Jasmine!