Vata Ayurvedic Spa Set

Vata ayurvedit spa set

The Ayurvedic Ritual Start your ayurvedic ritual with the chosen massage oil. Apply in vigorous all over self massage. Then in the shower wash off with the corresponding soap. The hot water will facilitate the absorbtion of the healing extracts and essential oils into your skin. Finish the ayurvedic home spa ritual with a cloud of the matching mood mist. This ayurvedic range would be recommended for use twice a year until finished to detox, boost the immune system and give the body a thorough pampering and loving! The mood mist you may like to use all year round. It gives outmost importance to disease prevention through herbal cures, balanced nutrition and lifestyle regime. By bringing the local Mallorcan plants into the classical ayurvedic recipes we honour our GAIA philosophy of local sourcing and sustainability. With the modern times in mind, the Ayurvedic GROUNDING, CALMING and ENERGIZING rituals are designed to help you attain the perfect equilibrium

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Vata Ayurvedic Spa Set
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Whats in the box?

100 ml massage oil, 150g soap, 100 ml mood mist

Additional Information

Grounding Vata Ayurvedic massage oil

Made with the nourishing extract of dashmula – the classic Ayurvedic 10 root formula, rosemary and holy basil in the base of sesame and avocado oil to warm and nourish the body. The essential oil blend guided by the geranium and sandalwood will give extra clarity and insight.

INGREDIENTS: Helianthus annuus Vitis vinifera Oenothera Azadirachta indica Cardamomum Cistus ladanifer Azadirachta indica Laurus nobilis Cardamomum Piper longum Santalum album Emblica officinalis Gaertn. Cardamomum, essential oils of Salvia sclarea Cymbopogon Citrus reticulata Corriandrum sativum Citrus aurantium Foeniculum vulgare Cananga odorata.

Grounding Vata Ayurvedic soap

The contact with clay extracts, oats, sandalwood powder is very nourishing for the skin and this soap will help to ground and center in an unsettling moment through the properties of the cedar and rose essential oils.

Grounding Vata Ayurvedic mood mist

All the essential oils contained in this mood mist aspire to help you recollect your thoughts and find your course in life with certainty and confidence in a moment of doubt.