Pitta Ayurvedic Spa Set

Pitta ayurvedic spa set

The Ayurvedic Ritual
 Start your Ayurvedic ritual with the chosen massage oil. Apply in vigorous all over self massage. Then in the shower wash off with the corresponding soap.
The hot water will facilitate the absorption of the healing extracts and essential oils into your skin. Finish the Ayurvedic home spa ritual with a cloud of the matching mood mist.
This ayurvedic range would be recommended for use twice a year until finished to detox, boost the immune system and give the body a thorough pampering and loving! The mood mist you may like to use all year round.

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Pitta Ayurvedic Spa Set
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Calming Pitta Ayurvedic massage oil

The eladi medicated powder and extracts of neem leaf in onagra and grape seed oil base act together with the essential oils of petit grain, orange and ylang ylang to calm the over- stimulated minds and bodies.

INGREDIENTS: Helianthus annuus Vitis vinifera Oenothera Azadirachta indica Cardamomum Cistus ladanifer Azadirachta indica Laurus nobilis Cardamomum Piper longum Santalum album Emblica officinalis Gaertn. Cardamomum, essential oils of Salvia sclarea Cymbopogon Citrus reticulata Corriandrum sativum Citrus aurantium Foeniculum vulgare Cananga odorata.

Calming Pitta Ayurvedic soap

The plant extracts of kardammom and neem contained in this soap are renown for its calming and beautifying properties and will be extra gentle to the sensitive skin.

INGREDIENTS: Sodium hydroxide Cocos nucifera Helianthus annuus Olea europaea Arthospira Santalum Album Azadirachta Indica Cardamomum Azadirachta Indica Avena sativa, Aloe Vera, essential oils of Mentha Cananga odorata Cymbopogon.

Calming Pitta Ayurvedic mood mist

For the “pitta moment” when all seems to be immersed in a big cloud of stress. The mandarin, clary sage and ylang ylang will give you instant calmness and clearer outlook.

INGREDIENTS: Rosa hydrolate Alcohol Ricinus communis, essential oils of Cymbopogon Schoenanthus Citrus reticulata Salvia sclarea Cananga odorata Lavandula Matricaria chamomilla Citrus auran- tium Corriandrum sativum Foeniculum vulgare.